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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fanfare Please

The dry river bed is finished.   

But he still has 5 tonnes of chippings left. Never fear he has already spread half of it on the car standing area and another couple of days will see the whole job done. This activity is sandwiched between collecting compost for the prairie beds and mowing the entire "estate". Furthermore the mairie are offering to deliver free of charge 2 cubic metres of wood chippings, so we have said "yes please". He must shovel and move wheelbarrows in his sleep - bless him - although he is so tired he just collapses in a coma.


At 5:40 pm, Blogger Rotary Club of Wollaton Park Walking Group said...

Hooray, As the jobber on the digger that created the first riverbed I have a vested interest. I was just wondering if the castine has been hand placed in feng shui style as per the original design. June says she can see some of her stones still correctly placed. As ever your fervent followers David & June.


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