Les poissons en France

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It was going so well ...

... or so I thought !!!  But I hadn't allowed for the Garden Designer's revisions to the 'Japanese-style' courtyard.
So first you put the gravel down, then you take it up.

Wasn't I silly.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Little Things Mean A Lot

Last week after 4 days of searching the local pharmacist declared that the manufactures had ceased making the pill I take to strengthen my bones. My specialist is always telling me that if I have any  problems or anxieties just ring her. So John made the call (his telephone French being superior to mine). Later that morning the secretary rang to say that Madame Levasseur had arranged for one of her team to sort out the problem. Literally as John put the phone down "the designate lady" rang him back and he started to relate my history. "Oh no need for that she said I know all about her"!!. I surmised that she was the nurse in charge of the day ward where I had my chemotherapy. I have seen her once in passing since those days and she was very pleased to see me. I dont know her name. The next day she rang as arranged and said that I have to have a blood test each month before having a drug administered by injection. However the little thing that meant most to me was that she told John to give me a big hug from her.

Spring has at last arrived (at least for a few days) so these little things mean a lot also.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Is this a good idea?

Our focus has returned to the new 'Japanese' courtyard and Friday morning, 8 am 10 tonnes of gravel arrived.
So a lot of cardio-vascular exercise in store.

At the end of the afternoon when the energy levels had dropped, we started planting some of the shrubs on the mound.

After day 1
and day 2.

Progress may slow up as we're going to be battling cold mornings and then rain next week

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A breath of air

This morning dawned fresh (no frost) and dry so there was a mad scramble to get outside and get dirt under the fingernails.
Sue is developing the woodland bed in the allée and so she began to plant up primulas.
We have a large Japanese maple which we bought autumn 2016 and which suffered terribly in a late frost last year.  So I have now made a 'pot' for it which is more in keeping with this woodland area and we transplanted it this morning.
This turned out to be more difficult than we had thought as the tree was heavier than anticipated and not easy to get it and the bags of compost up the bank without trampling too many daffodils!

But it was good to be out and about.

Monday, February 12, 2018

What a difference ...

... from morning gloom and cold to afternoon sunshine !

Extreme Measures

The cold continues ... -4 forecast for tomorrow Tuesday morning.
The Head Gardener is beginning to think she will have lost plants.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Fifty Shades Of Grey

As you know we are always extolling the virtues of living in our "little corner of paradise". However to restore the balance we have to report that paradise has "greyed" over recently. So far 2018 has been very grey and wet. To add to the dismal scene we rose today to a spattering of snow and a forecast of temperatures rising to 1 degree.

I appreciate that some of you have far worse......but I just hate grey weather.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Keeping Busy

On our return from the UK we were concerned to see signs of Spring and it was only mid-January; the Head Gardener is starting to feel pressure!  Yesterday she completed the weeding of the ground at the foot of the hedge in front of our neighbours and planted it up with Hypericum obtained from a 'plant swap'.
It will be interesting to see how they fare as there is not much sun on that side of the hedge.

Today we continued with collecting 'green compost' from our recycling centre to use as a mulch on the Serpentine bed.  We're sure that the lady running the site thinks we are mad english people.
Sue insisted on filling the bags whilst I humped them and loaded the car.  We've done a few previous trips but today we completed covering the Serptentine bed in front of the house.
Rum and cokes were definitely called for!