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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Omnibus Edition

Where has this month gone? Mainly spent on Hospital runs and caring in the home. However, on the health front, the chemotherapy for Sue is progressing without many side effects apart from tiredness (on both our parts!!).

The main event of the month has been Guy coming out to us again for another week. He was very useful in every respect, from nursing to gardening. He's finally grown up!

But Guy was also very helpful in helping to prepare the Salon on the first floor. We have tried to maintain some momentum on the house front and have a plasterer/dry liner to start making the room look like a room. We had to move a lot of tools, materials and other sundry rubbish out of it so that the man has room to work. Once Guy and John had done this we took delivery of plasterboards and metalwork, with the help of a few willing friends.

The 'plaquiste' started last Thursday but that day was spent in him organising the materials as the delivery had been either short or oversupplied or the wrong things!!!! Eventually on Friday he was able to start on the job itself and it's amazing just how quickly putting up a few metal frames changes the look of the room.

Whilst all of this was going on, two of our very good friends came over to do some gardening for us. They've made a start on the beds at the front of the house and planted up a bed full of Pansies, so we'll have some nice colour through the winter.