Les poissons en France

Monday, March 24, 2014

We've Hit the Wall

Well I finished laying the tiles and Sue is 'happily', slowly grouting and doing a great job.
So I'm now able to dodge the showers and start on my list of gardening jobs.  The first is to recover the edges of the Sepentine bed in the front.
Despite my initial skepticism, it does make a big visual difference.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


We decided to be responsible members of our community and participate in our local elections.  We can't vote in General elections as we aren't french but we can vote as residents in our local mayoral elections and also for our MEP.  However, one of the main reasons for voting was that we don't like one of the councillors who is a farmer and works the field next to us.  He is 'ignorant' and doesn't acknowledge us with the normal courtesies.

So, a trip to the Salle de Fete (village hall) along with lots of other villagers.  This election is important to the local community as things actually do get done at a local level!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nearly There

I'm pleased to report that the end is in sight.  I have stuck down all the whole tiles and today I finished cutting all of the tiles that go up against the wall.
(That dog pokes his nose in everywhere!)

So, over the weekend I aim to get all of these stuck down and hand the project over to my assistant ..... the grouter!
But .... as you can see, the sun is shining ... and everything is growing.  I'm worried that my grouter won't be giving her full attention to working in the house!
 ... and why does everything involve filling up wheelbarrows with plant material for disposing.

Monday, March 03, 2014

An Early Start

8 o'clock Monday morning and a sudden rapping on our bedroom window.  Fortunately, Sue was just dressed and so she could find out what was happening!  Our delivery of furniture, scheduled for between 10 and 12, was here.  As you will have realised, Sue is not one to hang about!! We haven't finished the tiling in the salon, but we now have 5 settees in there awaiting the grand unveiling!
So the pressure is on.  I'm trying to finish the tiling, Sue is plodding on with the grouting (although she tells me she's cracked it and is happy with the results she's achieving), and the better weather is looming nearer with all that that means for the garden! (Yesterday afternoon we were out planting some replacement roses).
At least I can see the end wall now.