Les poissons en France

Monday, August 08, 2011

"Are We Living In England ? "

I can not believe that it is August in France. No spending all evening watering to just keep plants alive, grass growing an inch a day, enjoying flowers at their best because they have had a copious supply of rain. I am purposely not mentioning the weeds, and hoping that I have managed to take the photographs so that you can not see them. We are truly living in a "green and pleasant land". We have had rain and warmth and as a gardener it makes me very happy. I'm not so sure that the hoards of tourists we have at present are as enthusiastic .

I expect that you have noticed that you only get garden photos sporadically - when things are looking good.

You may recall that earlier this year I was setting up the Christo bed. The idea of it was to create a riot of colour and a jungle effect. I just threw in anything I had to hand, including thousands of seeds which went in very late due to the back problem. I am still waiting for them to flower - more piccies later hopefully. However I have certainly achieved the jungle effect!! Many plants have just been submerged as I did not expect everything to be so vigourous. The photos certainly flatter the bed, but I'm sure the same applies to the pictures in "Homes and Gardens".

Now to more serious matters. John saw his haemotologist last week and she confirmed that he is in remission. We were relieved to hear that he will have monthly blood tests to check that the protein doesn't return. He did do some tiling in the bedroom and was making good progress but it proved a little too soon after he had his defibrillator fitted, and discretion being the better part of valor, he has not done anymore for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I also had a bad week last week as the doctor gave me a drug for osteoporosis (you name it I've got it in my spine) which didn't suit me. Nevermind we're back gardening again.