Les poissons en France

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Juggling Jobs

We're going through a small heatwave and so I'm working inside the house.  And I find I'm juggling jobs depending on what's to do next and if I have all the materials I need for the next steps.

So today I found myself with some spare time and Ive started on my first attempt at making stairs.  I'm starting with a short flight going from our first landing up to the bedrooms I'm working in.

Not bad for 'o' level woodwork?! Perhaps I should wait until I've tried them out.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wonders of The Web

A few weeks ago we suddenly received on our blog a comment on a very old posting which showed a picture of our house.  The comment was from somebody in Argentina. It said that their great grandfather was born in our house and as they were coming to France in July they would like to come and see the house. Alarm bells immediately rang; we were convinced that it was a hoax - we do get emails from Nigeria from time to time!! So we judiciously ignored it. However Luis and Vicky turned up but unfortunately we were out. However they met John and Lesley our neighbours who did "the honours". We have since corresponded with Luis and Vicky on their return to Argentia. They sound lovely people and we were sorry to have missed them. Luis sent us a photograph of his great grandfather and I am sure he won't mind us sharing it with you.

And the wonders keep on geting better.  John tracked down (via the net) a "caviste" who had some of the coveted "Duras 2010" wine.  So we hurriedly made the pilgrimage to Montauban to collect it and, low and behold, it was cheaper than buying it from the producer.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clean Windows

 The one drawback of our patio doors is that, from time to time, birds fly into them.  Fortunately, the majority of times they recover and fly off.

This morning I was in the kitchen when there was a very loud noise ... something large had flown into one of the doors.  I rushed out to the front door and there was a kestrel, stunned.

 She(?) gradually regained her senses and sat quietly until finally flying off.

(...and funnily enough, yes, Sue had recently cleaned the windows!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Go Bradley!

The Tour de France came through today travelling up the 'old' N20 to Brive.  Our friends at Freyssinet kindly opened their field adjoining the road for 'pic-nic'ers.  We had to be there before 11 am when the road was to be closed, but, of course this didn't seem to happen much before mid-day.  We actually ended up having our pic-nic in the entrance to the road up to Sue and Jon's house! ... suitably decorated with Union Jack bunting.

The caravanne which preceeds the race comprises an array of vehicles to advertise the sponsors.

Then the first riders appeared, followed by the peloton and we all cheered for Bradley!!!!

And then we all went home to watch the finish on TV!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY Update

There hasn't been much news on progress in the house .... mainly because I haven't been able to do any, for whatever reason!!

However, Sue has been feeling quite well and I can now recommence on the house.  For the past couple of days I've been dividing my efforts between the en-suite in the first 'guest' bedroom and the 'office'.  Sue and I used the bedroom when we had friends here; the shower is working, the toilet is fitted and all that remains is making a 'bench' for the handbasin.

At the same time, I've put a coat of decorative plaster on 2 of the office walls and prepared the other 2, I've fitted a false ceiling, painted the walls and the ceiling and prepared for the electrics.

Meanwhile, Sue has been determined to weed the flower beds ... and her efforts show!

She still gets tired with her new chemotherapy regime so she has to pace herself ...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Cupboard was Bare

A few weeks ago we went with our friends from England to a restaurant in Cahors where we drank a lovely, full-bodied red Gaillac.  This is unusual as the wine from the Gaillac region is normally white.  Once home, I searched on the internet and found the producer.  The town of Gaillac is only about an hour and a half from us so a day out was planned.  Our neighbours were highly amused to think that we were doing a very french thing and going off to find some 'bon vin'!  The use of our GPS meant that we had no problems finding the vineyard but ....... shock horror!!!!! They were sold out.  I presume that the bulk of their production is white and hence the red is soon gone.  After discussion with the lad in the cave, the next vintage, 2011, promises to be of similar quanlity and we will have to phone them up next March.  So, in the meantime, we'll just have to continue buying wine from our little man on the market.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


......what chemo?

She can't wear her wig (safety hat/sun hat?) because the 'sweethearts' catch in it!!!

On We Go

As most of you will know I completed my last session of chemo at the end of May and had an MRI scan in June. This showed that the cancer had not spread and the chemo was keeping pace with destroying new cancer cells as they are produced. However this was not remission as I had hoped and I have to have another course of chemo.

The trouble is I know too much now and am "with it ", which I certainly wasn't when the last chemo started. I have already been given antidotes for every possible side effect of the treatment, very daunting as they are not pleasant. I started the treatment yesterday and still feel great. Sorry must go now as the garden beckons and I must get on while the "great" state of affairs persists. I am delighted that I have weeded a third of the "Long Bed" this week.

Meantime John is getting on with the "nearly finished" bedroom and the office, in between mowing lawns and weeding.