Les poissons en France

Saturday, December 26, 2015

And so this is Christmas ...

Well, all of the preparations have culminated in one happy day.  We seem to have been either socialising or shopping for the past few weeks!  But then Guy arrived from England on Monday and we could just relax and get into the right spirit.
Tuesday we went to the big pre-christmas Truffle market at Lalbenque which was heaving with people.  Then Wednesday we went to see Father Christmas in the evening at Gourdon.  Guy was suitably impressed with the amazing disco/laser show/fireworks.
So yesterday, the big meal.  We had friends join us at mid-day and we then spent until about 7 eating a tasting menu from around the world with accompanying drinks.  This was made more interesting as Mark doesn't drink alcohol and, amidst his selection we got down to Beetroot juice.  An experience if nothing else!
It was lovely to spend time with Guy and good friends.

Monday, December 07, 2015

A Family Visit

We got back from the UK last night and this morning we just couldn't get going. As we were leisurely coming too about 8.15 I looked up to see 4 deer leisurely walking past the far side of the barn. Although the temperatures have remained mild I think we can safely say that we and the wildlife regard it as winter. Hence I have seen many signs of deer activity throughout the garden. However this is the first winter sighting of "our family". It may not be the same family as last year as today we saw Mum, this years twins and probably a yearling. This is all conjecture of course. I have seen Dad in the alley recently but he was not with the family group as last year. Whilst all this may be conjecture we are absolutely certain that we have never seen them so close. John took photos for about a quarter of  an hour but I finally called a halt as "big Bambi" made a move to nibble the pansies in the courtyard tubs.

I can't help it |I adore them and it is a privilege to share their lives.