Les poissons en France

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Race against Nature

The Head Gardener is now starting to get 'twitchy' as she sees more and more things that need doing before everything is growing rampantly. So, apart from weeding beds, cutting the lawns there are 'projects' that need finishing.  One of these is the new Sundial bed in the courtyard.  For the past three days Sue has been digging up Stachys from the Raised Bed and we have been planting it in this new bed.
The idea is to fill the whole bed, so we're going to need a lot of Stachys … and about 5 more days of work!!!

One of the 'joys' of living in the countryside is dealing with various 'pests'.  Yesterday late afternoon we were visited …
… by these three chevreuil (roe deer) who were very interested in rooting in the Long bed.
After 12 years now we are resigned to sharing what we grow!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

What have we been doing lately?

Not a lot. Well that's not strictly true, we have been following the Brexit debates in Parliament and trying to guess the outcome. As far as we can see there are so many entrenched factions that a resolution will not be agreed, and then what? We are continually asked by the French what is happening with Brexit but of course we have no answer. I have to admit that we now view it with a smirk and an "I'm alright Jack attitude" but we do feel for everyone living in Britain not knowing what the future holds.

Now to more mundane matters, the garden. As the weather has been so good it has been full steam ahead with the spring garden preparations. Although the weather has been settled for the last month we have had frosts virtually every morning. Our micro climate attracts them and of course they have caused some damage to young shoots but nothing devastating.

My plant production has been the biggest it has ever been this year. The entire ground floor of our house (with it's underfloor heating) has been given over to seed germination and growing-on. Actually not just the ground floor but the landing, salon, porcherie and cold frame as well.

A lady from the village has had the idea to improve and extend the floral displays in St Germain and we were asked to join the committee. We find it very amusing that I am considered the font of all garden knowledge and no decision is passed without my approval!! Actually it is very nice to feel part of a community and to be treated as such. Consequently part of the increased production is for the village displays.

Our garden is to be featured in the June issue of an English language newspaper which is published here and perhaps another publication so we have been involved with submitting details and photographs in the last couple of days. 

Today we began transplanting Stachys from the raised bed to the sundial garden (old back top terrace). Just one of several new ideas for this year.
It has not all been a success story however, our bulbs generally have been poor with many not flowering. I have put it down to the "wrong weather", in particular no rain last year when the bulbs should have been making this year's flowers. Never mind, we will dig deep into our pockets and replace them in the autumn.

Sorry that this post has been dominated by our garden exploits but basically we have done little else recently. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Goodbye to all That

Just back from a quick trip to England to see our aged Aunty Betty (who is 95).  Perhaps we are reading too much into this moment when everything may change or nothing will change.  Obviously THE topic of conversation is Brexit.  Our sense of a 'moment in time' was made stronger by staying with Betty, who has a diminishing quality of life, and by seeing an old friend who has cancer.

We feel relieved to have received French Nationality as it removes the pressure of our future here in France and so we will grab each day as it comes, enjoying each moment as a gift.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

New Hedge ...

… at least we hope so.  If you remember, our Box Hedge was ravaged by Box Caterpillars over the past couple of years and so we took it out.
Having prepared the area, planted rows of more Hypericum and Nepita, we have had some special Grasses waiting to be planted.

Today the urge moved us … and only just in time … they are starting to shoot.
18 holes …
and 18 Pannicum 'North Wind' planted ...
which should grow to an 'annual' hedge a metre and a half tall!