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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Busy Day Yesterday

Just to let you know that despite the days of rain we are not idling about. Also it is a bit of showing off that we can still do quite a lot.

6.30am - Jump out of bed as Nurse is due at 6.45 am to take a routine blood test. (Actually we were up at the same time on Monday as we drove 3 hours north to have lunch with a friend and 3 hours back. Yes we know we are balmy) Today (Wednesday) repeat alarm call as John had his annual appointment with his Hematologist in Toulouse. Tomorrow morning visit from Nurse again scheduled for 6.45am for further blood test and injection for me.........Friday lay in!! So far medical results all good.

Returning to Monday
9.00am to 12 noon we filled 50 sacks of compost at the recycling depot brought them home and started to fill the raised bed which John has made for me in the new Japanese garden. It was 20% off everything at the garden centre over Easter so we bought about a dozen plants which need planting.

1.00pm - 5.00pm John mowed all our grass and I finished weeding/digging the prairie beds.

5.30 - crawled in for a restorative drink

7.00 - Evening Meal

9.00 - BED.

As it wasn't raining yesterday I managed to take a couple of photos of the Spring garden which is looking a bit sorry this year.


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