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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Tour Guides

Having spent time in Edinburgh as tourists, it was our turn to be the guides for our friends Paul and Jennifer this past week.  
The more times people come, the more difficult it is to think of new attractions but we were able to find new places to go, one being the museum of Jean Lurçat about an hour away.  Lurçat was an artist of the 20's and 30's who gradually devoted his time to Tapestries.  I had previously been a little skeptical about the idea of this, but going to the museum/workshop and seeing them in vivid colour was a revelation.
See the source image
 Lurçat expressed his beliefs in his work; he was a pacifist (although he worked with the Resistance during the war) who had great hope for the future of society.

Another highlight in the week was a walk along the river Lot, passing along the towpath carved into the cliff face (Chemin de Halage) between Bouziès and St Cirq Lapopie.
A section of the path which was carved out has been decorated by a sculptor ...
... and when we got to this section, the man himself was working on a further part of the 'wall'
I doubt that he would have been allowed to work like this in the UK with the public walking past and chatting to the artist!

Well that's the entertaining and being entertained over for this year.  Back to the garden now.


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