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Sunday, May 14, 2017

A well-earned Rest?

3 weeks ago we had 10 tonnes of castine delivered for the Dry-river bed.  And we slightly over estimated the quantity needed. So, as you will have read, we have finally completed that feature in the garden.
But, what to do with the surplus?
First of all I resurfaced the parking area next to the house.  Because we bought a larger size of chippings the result seems a lot more robust.  Time will tell!
Then I covered the paths in the vegetable garden and the head-gardener is very impressed with the result.

Finally, I put the stones which had been at the bottom of the pile (and consequently all mixed with earth and grass) into the extension for the Bonsai.  This will be covered with wood chippings.
Pleased to see the back of this job!

Yesterday 13th May was the magic date when we are supposed to be passed all danger of frost (les
Saintes Glaces).  So the head gardener duly started her planting-out campaign.
She had to fall back on plan Z for the colours as she missed the main period for Petunias and couldn't find Red!!!!


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