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Sunday, August 06, 2017

An Evening 'En plein air'

Another amazing evening in deepest rural France!

As part of a concert season based at a town about 45 minutes away, there was a free concert of a 60 piece wind orchestra at the nearby small town of Labastide Murat.
The concert started at 8.30 (which is early for France!) and, even though it is the height of the tourist season, there must have been about 500 people turned out; they were having to fetch more benches.
It started with the obligatory speech by the local Mayor and then we were given a selection of film scores with the emphasis on Ennio Morricone who is most famous for 'The Good. the Bad and the Ugly'.  It was good to see that the orchestra was composed of all ages, from about 12 to at least 72.
The interval was marked by the offer of a free drink, courtesy of the local commune, but they hadn't anticipated such a large turn-out and so the drink (juice or beer) had to be reduced in size!
Good to see these events so well supported.


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