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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Neighbours Think We're Balmy

.....and they're probably right. The French just don't understand some Brits obsession with gardens.  It is just in our DNA as wine is in theirs.

For the last fortnight we have had temperatures around 30 degrees C in the afternoon, which is too hot to be working outside. So we developed a strategy of setting the alarm for 6.30am so that we could be out in the garden by 8 o'clock. At this time of year there is so much that needs doing, planting seeds, planting young plants, buying and planting new plants that you just can't live with out, edging, mowing, mowing etc. Yes he's on the tractor every other day, but it really sets the garden off. I can't pretend that he is mowing the grass as the "green stuff" contains very little grass, but whatever it grows incredibly quickly.

However we are pleased with our not inconsiderable labours and I took these photos yesterday before the scheduled storm. The storm did not materialise until lunch time today, just one and a half minutes after we had planted the last dahlia - perfect!


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