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Thursday, April 05, 2018

The Eternal Optimist ...

... or is it just a new way to feed the birds?
As you can see we've finally got round to reseeding the bare patches in the front lawn which we made in the autumn by weed-killing it.  We've done about a third and then had to go off to buy more cheap compost!!!
That was our second trip of the day; we had raced off to Lidl's for 9 am to buy Petunias which Sue had seen advertised as arriving today.
They weren't in as good condition as previous years so needed some emergency TLC and a good drink ...


At 5:21 pm, Anonymous Mother Hubbard said...

Wow! You do have busy days, and you even found time yesterday to send words of encouragement to an old lady of your acquaintance, which she appreciated very much. After reading your blog, I was encouraged to venture out into the sunshine to take a cup of coffee to my younger and more energetic husband who was in the potting shed - um potting - and then proceeded to do a five minute stint in the garden as I had noticed that a bracken had run away with itself, grown huge, and then fallen over. I set about it with secateurs, then went indoors to sit down with a hot water bottle on my back and a cup of tea in my hand. Keep blogging because I have made the site a 'favourite'.


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