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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Minor Detour

Having previously said that we'd be resuming work on the 'serpentine' bed, I needed to get more sand, then I decided to use up the materials I'd been using for the jointing, then we had to take Yoda for a 'haircut'. So I've been using the 'half' days by repairing Sue's steps, the ones she started building when she was very first starting on the garden.

I finished repairing them today and we wish that we'd done them a long time ago...we're pleased with the result.

Whilst I was doing the steps, it's been very hot and humid; too hot for the animals.

With this weather, and having knocked the garden into shape for the 'open' day Sue's really on top of things.....but she's still having to spend a couple of hours in the evening watering everything! Still, it doesn't get dark till gone 10!


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