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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Strange But True

Today has been one of those days when you don't know if you believe what's happening around you. Or in our case, we can't quite get over how different life here in France can be when compared to the UK.

Last night Sue finished watering about 10 pm (about her normal time!), when we heard a lawn mower being started up. We just thought that it was Bernard, one of our neighbours who loves a chat, and that he would be putting the mower away. But, oh no!! He proceeded to mow his lawn for about half an hour. I've always wondered why they put mini-headlights on the mowers, and now I know.

This morning Sue decided she needed to pop to see the Doctor. Our doctor has a surgery in the front 2 rooms of his house in a nearby small town. So off we went and walked into his 'waiting room'. No phone call required; just like when we were kids, you just go and see who's infront of you and wait your turn. As it happened there was no-one waiting or in with the doctor so we were straight in. You can't say that going to the doctor is a pleasure, but there's no hassle about trying to make an appointment!

Late this afternoon we took Yoda to a little walk that we've found about 10 minutes away. He loves finding new smells and we have come to love the walk. But today was special as we found a lovely little orchid which is new to us. Then, as we were walking down this little country track we found that we were walking through a cloud of butterflies! They must have all hatched together and were now trying to find mates.

At the risk of being boring, we have found our own piece of paradise here.


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